Updated Current Friendlies List!! 10-8-2016

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Updated Current Friendlies List!! 10-8-2016

Post by Lady Blues on Thu Aug 18, 2016 5:57 am

News Bulletin:
1.) KingTutt - had a heart Attack 9/30/2016 ...Aslan has a No-Hit Truce with his alliance "Burn Notice"
     Our prayers go out to him & his family for a speedy recovery.

2. ) New Coalition Force - Alliance member..  "the Clan"

Coalition Force ....Hive on High Kingdom:
Aslan,  Bear Clan 2,  BoS,  CBL Brigaide,  CC Raiders,  Crusaders,  Dark Knights,  FEAR,  Fear Brigade,  Hells Angels,  Imminent Blood,  Junk Yard Dogs,  
Knights of Ni, Natures Wrath,  Peacefull II,  Royal Lions,  Texas Warriors,  Thunders,  Rising Phoenix,  Spartans,  USA, VFW Post 1,  Wolf KNights
other alliance may be arriving...


Coalition Force - Members List:  

America,    Apocolyspe,   Aslan,   Big Red One,   Bear Clan2,   Beserker Clan,   BestNeverRest,   Black Ravens,   Blood Oath,   BoS,   Brotherhood,  

CBL Brigaide,  CC Raiders,   Cougars Pride,   cruiseship,   Crusaders,   Dark Knights,   Delian League,   DisLoyalists,   Dragons Star,   DRAQGON LEGION,

E N I G M A,   FEAR,  Fear Brigade,   Fir Na Tine,   Hell Fire,   Hells Angels,   Holy Haven Son,   Imminent Blood,   Immortals,   Iron Eagles,   Junk Yard Dogs,  

kingmen1 heros,  Kings Brother,   Kings Honor,   Knight Hawks,   Knights of Ni,   Lead by Faith,   Natures Wrath,   Notable Nobles,   Pantheon,  

Peaceful II,  Poison Tears,  Ravenloft,   Rising Phoenix,   ROAR of LIONS,   Royal Lions,   Semper Fidelis,   ShadowDragons,   Sholan,   Snowbird,  

Spankys Gang,   Spartans,  SPITFIRES,   SwordandShield,   TARDIS Recruits,  Texas Warriors,   The Belgariads,   the Clan,  Thunders,   ThunderSeas,  

TimberWolves 2,  TROJANS,   TURKYILDIZI-(Turkish),   USA,    velociraptors,   VFW Post 1,   WarSpite,   Wolf KNights,   Young Bloods

We try to keep this list current. The various alliances are listed alphabetically to make it easier to find the Alliances.
If you have any Questions or would like to add anything please message "Bald One" within the game.
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