General Hive Rules 10/8/2016

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General Hive Rules 10/8/2016

Post by Lady Blues on Sat Oct 08, 2016 11:35 am

1.) To be a hive member you Must fight opposition.
      a.) This means going to hive and hitting castles.
      b.) Intercepting heroes as they try to come into hive.
      c.) Fight them at every opportunity.
2.) You Must defend all coalition members no matter your personal opinion.
      a.) All members must be defended.
      b.) There will be times when you can't win a fight so no one expects you to throw troops away.
      c.) However, intercept with small numbers if possible to keep enemy heroes off castle.
      d.) If it is determined that you are not helping to defend, your Clan will be booted.
3.) Misfires happen don't get upset or panic.
      a.) Apologize while the event is going on don't wait.
      b.) NEVER support with other heroes.
      c.) If you do support, then offer heroes to the defender as an appeasement (not required)
      d.) The enemy is brutal and wants to fight, always send as extra hero into battle for the enemy if possible.
      e.) Intentional hits on allied castles can lead to removal from Coalition for Alliances and
           individual members will be asked to leave and reviewed on a case by case basis.
4.) Issues will be brought up in front of the "Senior Peer Council" for remedy.
      a.) Each Alliance will have a Representative in Skype.
            Those leaders or personal representatives will work out issues first.
      b.) The Next step is "Remedy Committee" made up of three clans. These clans are Aslan, BoS and Crusaders.
5.) Strategy Tactics will be developed by Senior Three Alliances with input from other alliances when possible.
6.) Communication is Key.
      a.) All alliances will have a representative in the "Battle Room" minimum recommendations is to have 3-6 key people  
            in that room that give you 24hr. continuity for your alliance.
            1.) The"Battle Room" is meant for battles only. Peoples phones ping when messages are sent and can disturb them on the job.
            2.) Here are Four Categories:
                  a.) Green: Fights are happening, but we are all over it and no issues. Awareness only.
                  b.) Yellow: This is hot with multiple clans or street fights and castle fights and they are wearing troops, but we still have it.
                  c.) Red: It is really hot and we need help. Wearing us to thin.
                  d.) Black: Oh, Crap they are hitting us hard with multiple clans and really big heroes and we will not make it
                       without outside assistance of multiple coalition members.
            3.) Four Steps in "Battle Room" All important but each gives us a visual and possible preparedness.
                 When choosing be as accurate as possible on your assessment.
    b.) Report all fights in "General Purpose Room" but this room is more for hive life and general discussion.
          Don't talk strategy or tactics in this room. Any member of your alliance can be added here.
          Game Tag and Clan are a must to add beside name.
    c.) Be Professional in the rooms.  Anything less won't be tolerated and you will be asked to leave or be removed.
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